Founder's Day, February 2.  The Oregon legislature granted a charter to Albany Collegiate Institute.  William Monteith presided as first president with forty students enrolled.  He served until 1868, when he resigned and Rev. Henry Bushnell was elected.

"A perfect mutiny" broke out amongst students, and Rev. Henry Bushnell, "cross and crotchety, and continually at war with the students,"  was forced to resign as President.  He was replaced by Rev. Dr. Geary.

Four women students--College's first alumnae--graduated.  (Maria Irvine, Cora Irvine, Weltha Young, and Mary Hannon -- click here for photo.)

President Elbert Condit discovered a deficit of $894 and described the College finances as "desperate."

Albany students selected black and orange as school colors to honor Condit's alma mater, Princeton.  Corvallis College, later O. S. U., chose the same colors several years later.

Albany's first school song,  "The Orange and the Black," was adopted. Click here for a photo of the band.

The women's basketball team was organized and coached by John Tait and Rev. Curtis Stevenson, Albany United Presbyterian Church.  In 1905 the team won state championship, defeating Oregon Agricultural College (OSU) 20-12.  Click here for photo of the 1899-00 team.

President Lee purchased the Orphan's Home building and moved it to campus to become Tremont Hall, a women's dormitory -- click here for photo.

The ACTA appeared as the first yearbook.  Many name changes followed:  Takenah (1911), The Orange Peal (1916), Corsair (1930), and after moving to Portland, Voyageur (1943), and Yiem Kimtah (1982).

The ACI became officially Albany College.

The football team gained national notoriety with record of 28 successive losses over a four-year period.  Click here for a photo of the more successful 1903 team.

Albany campus closed with June graduation; the surviving students and faculty moved to Portland.

The name Lewis & Clark College was adopted, and classes started with 135 students and 8 faculty.


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