What's New on the Linn Co. ORGenweb site:


August 31, 2004:  Added a few new pages:

Linn County Legislators 1843-1967

John Shelton Cemetery listing

Transcribed article regarding Rock Hill/Dodge Cemetery

Link to Linn Co. Sheriffs

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August 17, 2003:  Linn County Oregon has a new address:  www. linncountyroots.com is now the home site.  Be sure and update your bookmarks.  A quiet spell, but change is in the air!  Look for new data pages soon!

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January 1, 2003:  A year without many changes!  Today I've replaced the Linn Co. families page, and repaired broken links.  Big project on DLC's nearly finished, so hang in there!  More new materials soon.

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January 6, 2002:

New Cemetery Index and Histories:

Follow the links from the Cemetery names for detailed histories, biographical notes, driving directions, maps, contact information and more!

Over the course of the last year I've visited approx. 40 of these cemeteries, and I've photographed them. I'll be adding these photos to the site over the next few days and weeks. If anyone has photos they'd like to contribute -- either of the cemeteries in general or of individual tombstones -- please contact me and I'd be happy to post them to the website.

In addition to the WPA cemetery histories and other details, new transcription listings for three cemeteries, totalling about 3000 new names, were added:

Albany Masonic

Waverly Memorial

Waverly Jewish

Also burial listings for many small family cemeteries (20 burials or less) were added.

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November 26, 2001:

Not very much!  After the server crash in September, I've been struggling to get the site back in full operation.  I'm almost done- so very close !  There are still a few broken links on the Town History pages; I need to rebuild the Families pages; and I need to rebuild Maps/Photos pages.  But it's getting really close!

It will be so good to work on something new for a change, instead of having to redo work from the past!  I sincerely appreciate everyone's patience -- hang in there!



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