Timber-Linn Memorial Park

Albany, Oregon

A Memorial Dedicated to Linn County Servicemen Who Lost Their Lives During 20th Century Wars

"The Albany Jaycees Salute the many individuals and organizations throughout Linn county that made this Linn War Memorial possible.  Dedicated Memorial Day, 1969"


Akin, Jr. Richard A. Viet Nam War
Allen Gerald W. WWII
Amundsen Carl O. Viet Nam War
Andrews Roy E. WWII
Bacon Jack WWII
Bamford George A. Viet Nam War
Banton Harold WWII
Bass Robert M. WWII
Berry Jack W. WWII
Bindshadler W. G. WWII
Birdsall Wilbur E. WWII
Blair Cleo WWII
Bolden Rollie L. Viet Nam War
Brand Jack R. Viet Nam War
Brennan William E. WWII
Bryant Charles J. WWII
Burkhart Ronald W. Viet Nam War
Carper, Jr. John W. Viet Nam War
Carter Norval V. WWII
Collins William O. WWII
Cooper Harold WWII
Corbett Robert L. Korean War
Cox Clifford E. WWII
Cox Carlton WWII
Crabtree William A. WWII
Craigmyle Floyd J. Viet Nam War
Crocker, Jr. Charles W. WWII
Cutts Jerauld I. WWII
Davis Roy M. WWII
De Butts Daniel F. Viet Nam War
DeBord John G. WWII
Delano Jimmy L. Viet Nam War
Denton Walter R. WWII
Dimick Harold D. Viet Nam War
Duncan Lloyd A. Viet Nam War
Faulkner Robert WWII
Fence Frank A. WWII
Forbis Truman E. WWII
Frager William L. WWII
Freitag Raymond G. WWII
Fry John J. WWII
Gatliff Larry A. Viet Nam War
Gaylord William E. WWII
Gilbert Walton L. WWII
Gray Walter [not specified]
Green William WWII
Greenwood Bruce W. WWII
Hallin George H. WWII
Hamill Wright B. Viet Nam War
Hamilton Marlin K. WWII
Hayword Darrell S. WWII
Hester Charles A. WWII
Higbee Lyle R. WWII
Hill Howard J. WWII
Hiukka Gerald A. Viet Nam War
Hoefer Carlton C. WWII
Holmes John L. Viet Nam War
Hopkins Vernon P. WWII
Horn William W. WWII
Howe Darrell WWII
Hoyez James K. Viet Nam War
Huffman Billy L. WWII
Huffman Gerald M. WWII
Hurse Kenneth C. Viet Nam War
Hutchings Arville E. WWII
Jacobs Joseph M. WWII
Jennings Alvin J. WWII
Jennings Calvin G. WWII
Joren Lathan D. WWII
Kean Kenneth K. WWII
Kean Richard L. WWII
Keesee Ronald J. Korean War
Kennedy Max D. WWII
Kirsch Lawrence A. WWII
Kulpers John WWII
Lacky Richard D. WWII
Lambert William [not specified]
Langmack David F. WWII
Layman Asa L. WWII
Leabo Karl F. WWII
Loe Martin W. WWII
Looney Jack L. WWII
Mann Ira E. WWII
Margason Mark W. WWII
Maxwell Virgil L. WWII
McCall Albert R. WWII
McCloud Lyle G. WWII
Medlock Donual L. WWII
Michels Joseph WWII
Miles Ralph B. WWII
Milligan Verl J. WWII
Mitchell John WWII
Mitchell Tommie L. Viet Nam War
Moen Howard M. Korean War
Moore Lonnie D. Viet Nam War
Morgan Bobbie E. WWII
Nietling Leo N. WWII
Noble Shawnacee L. Korean War
Osburn Dale [not specified]
Palmer Byron L. WWII
Parks Raymond F. Korean War
Parrish Virgil D. WWII
Payne Paul M. WWII
Peer Robert R. WWII
Peterson Robert WWII
Piske Richard A. Korean War
Post Harold F. WWII
Quinn Edward G. WWII
Quinn Russell G. WWII
Randall Will F. WWII
Ray Clifford E. WWII
Reed, Jr. Ted Q. Viet Nam War
Reynolds Earl L. WWII
Richter Dale R. Viet Nam War
Robertson James G. WWII
Robinson Alva E. WWII
Rock Albert D. WWII
Ross John H. Korean War
Roten Tiney H. WWII
Salisbury James R. Viet Nam War
Schumacher Robert J. Viet Nam War
Shank Perry E. WWII
Shaw William E. WWII
Sheler Arthur E. WWII
Shelter Jay W. WWII
Shelton Earl R. WWII
Shelton Jack WWII
Shelton Larry D. Viet Nam War
Shough James A. WWII
Smith Earl F. Viet Nam War
Soderstrom William E. Viet Nam War
Sokolik Lloyd P. WWII
Stellmacher Allyn C. WWII
Stevenson Harold WWII
Stillwell Emory L. WWII
Stoltz Clarence W. WWII
Stride Gilbert F. WWII
Sturtevant Albert D. WWII
Swan Thomas E. WWII
Swander Richard D. WWII
Swank Eldon P. [not specified]
Swann Gerald L. Korean War
Swanson Thomas A. WWII
Swashi Frank A. WWII
Templeton Raymond E. [not specified]
Thurber Richard WWII
Tobey Thomas E. WWII
Truax Woodrow WWII
Turner Albert S. [not specified]
Ulm Douglas R. Viet Nam War
Vincent James WWII
Wallace Ernest L. WWII
Weber, Jr. Neuman E. WWII
Weinberg Lane M. WWII
Wheeler Larry J. Viet Nam War
Wibbens John E. Viet Nam War
Wickizer Orval L. WWII
Williams Jr. Fred J. Viet Nam War
Williamson Ray D. WWII
Wilson Donald A. WWII
Wilson Edgar L. WWII
Wilson Jack L. WWII
Wirth Harvey A. WWII
Wodtli Alvin P. WWII
Woodrow Aron WWII
Zeller Everett R. WWII


Prepared by Lisa L. Jones Copyright 2001