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“Notice:  To those persons visiting our office on business--propose quickly and don't stay too long, as time, to us, is of importance. . . . If you want to idle away an hour, come when we are out and the door locked.”  
Dr,. H. H. King, editor, Scio News, 3 Feb 1870


Scio News

1870 - 1871


Scio’s first newspaper, the weekly News, could not boast even a Washington hand-press when it was born as the first newspaper in Linn county outside of Albany. The founder was Dr. H. H. King, and the first copy came off the old jobber February 3, 1870. The paper lasted less than a year, “folding up” January 11, 1871.

The little paper had begun to be a drain on the publisher’s resources, he explained in his valedictory. “Besides being an expense, it detracts from other business,” he said. “To our patrons who, notwithstanding the diminutiveness of our paper, have given us their support,” he concluded, “we return our hearty thanks. And to those, though few indeed, who are yet in arrears, we ask you very kindly to remit the amount to us immediately; our financial affairs are very precarious just now.”




Scio Press

1889 - 1897


Coll Van Cleve, founder of several early newspapers, founded the Scio Press in 1889. It was a Populist paper, four pages 18x24. Van Cleve charged his subscribers $2 a year and claimed a list of 600. The paper was sold within a year to T. L. Dugger, who published it for seven years.



Santiam News

1897 - 1914 



The next paper, the Santiam News, was founded by Albert Cole and Roy Hill in 1897. Ira A. Phelps was publisher in 1899, D. C. Humphrey in 1904, and T. L. Dugger in 1909.



Scio Tribune

1915 - 1985 



The Scio Tribune was the result of the consolidation of the Sweet Home Tribune, which was brought to Scio in 1914 by T. L. Dugger, and the News, which was still running at Scio. The News was sold to the Tribune in that year.
Current Scio Newspaper: Scio Community News
Glen Albrethsen, Editor
Box 330
Jefferson OR 97352

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Newspaper Histories were abstracted from "History of Oregon Newspapers", George S. Turnbull, Portland, OR, 1939.  See references for further information.   Lisa L. Jones contributed and is solely responsible for the contents of these pages.  Copyright 2001.

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