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"Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization."
--George Bernard Shaw


Lebanon Express



Lebanonís first paper, which has survived all competition for over a century, was named for a railroad train which has not survived--the Lebanon Express on the old Oregonian railway. The paper was started by J. H. Stine, founder of a good many Oregon newspapers, who had just come from Polk county, and its first issue came off the press March 5, 1887.  Kirkpatrick (H. Y.) & Bugler were the publishers of the paper the next year.



Lebanon Advance



In 1889, George L. Alexander and Jack Adams started the Lebanon Advance, a Peopleís party weekly, issued on Fridays. Both of these men had done newspaper work in Eugene.  (Mr. Alexander is the son of J. B. Alexander, one of the real pioneers of Oregon journalism, who had started Eugeneís first paper, the News, in November 1856, and had also founded the Eugene Guard in 1867.)  Adams & Alexander continued the Advance for several years.



Lebanon Express-Advance



In 1897, the Advance was combined with the Express, under the title Express-Advance. Mr. Alexander of the Advance was associated with Mr. Kirkpatrick of the Express in its publication and remained on the paper, which he edited for many years, until his retirement in 1936. In 1899 the Express-Advance was issued as a semi-weekly.



Lebanon Criterion



Sold to Lebanon Express in 1924

Meanwhile the Criterion, a competing weekly, issued Tuesdays, was established (1898) by W. M. Brown. The next year it was published Wednesdays. A. B. Hoag was at the helm 1901 to 1904, when Mr. Brown resumed control, running a Republican newspaper. D. C. Humphrey took it over in 1905. Taking hold in 1908 was N. M. Newport, who changed publication day to Thursday.



Linn County Advocate



Temporary name of the Criterion.

In 1912, the Criterion,  under W. T. Fogle, changed its name for a year to the Linn County Advocate, then went back to its old name. The name Criterion was re-established by W. C. DePew, formerly of the Amity Standard, who conducted the paper for ten years, finally selling to A. L. Bostwick, who sold the paper to the Express in 1924 and returned to daily newspaper work.



Lebanon Tribune



For one year, 1912, the competition in Lebanon was three-cornered with a weekly called the Tribune in the field, challenging the Express and the Criterion..  The Tribune failed to last out the year.



Lebanon Express




In 1912 the Lebanon Express-Advance dropped the Advance part of its name. The Express was conducted by G. L. Alexander and H. E. Browne in 1913. By 1915 Mr. Alexander alone conducted the paper. T. R. MacMillan came to the Express in 1920 and remained throughout Mr. Alexanderís stay on the paper as his partner. H. W. Fredericks and R. M. Hayden purchased the paper in 1936.

The circulation battle between the Express and the Criterion was close for several years, the Express finally achieving a good lead (1250 to 869) in 1924, when the Criterion was sold to the Express..


 Current Lebanon Newspaper:

Lebanon Express
90 East Grant St./P.O. Box 459
Lebanon, OR 97355-0459


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