Membership Rolls for the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons 
of Linn County, 1886

The following membership rolls were abstracted from:

Proceedings of the M... W... Grand Lodge of Oregon, Thirty-sixth Annual Communication, held at Masonic Temple, in the city of Portland , on Wednesday, the sixteenth day of June, 1886, at 10:30 a.m.

Chartered Lodges in Oregon totaled eighty-four in 1886, eighty-two of which were represented at the annual communication in Portland.  Linn County had eight chartered lodges at that time; representatives attending the proceedings were:

Corinthian No. 17 (Albany)

G. F. Simpson, Rufus Thompson

Thurston No. 28 (Harrisburg)

Enoch Hoult, William McCulloch, G. R. Ward
Brownsville No. 36 R. N. Thompson, J.B.R. Morelock, W. B.Blanchard
Scio No. 39 W. E. Price, S.W. Dodd
Lebanon No. 44 J. Wassom, J. C. Gordon
Halsey No. 61 William P. Smith, T.J. Black, W.H. Shephard
St. Johns No. 62 (Albany) J. K. Weatherford, George Humphrey, S. Seitenbach
Shedd No. 79 John B. Cornett, H. B. Springer

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