Early Linn County Wills


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The material contained in the "Early Linn County Wills" was originally compiled by Emil Browning, and published in the quarterly newsletter of  the End of Trail Researchers, a genealogical society of Lebanon, Oregon.  After the society and quarterly  were discontinued, the Lebanon Genealogical Society retyped the records and made them available.  However, the original courthouse files were lost.  Therefore, the only record of the information found in the wills is contained in these abstracts. 



Important!  Please read:

Please note that the Lebanon Genealogical Society does not have the original wills, nor do they have copies of the wills.  The information available is an abstract of the original wills.  Here is an example of a typical citation:


Truet Davis Jr. File No.75

Deceased died intestate, John J. Davis filed 10 June 1865 for Administrator. Truet Davis Jr. died 31 May 1865 in Linn County, Truet Davis Sr. and wife Alice, they being father and mother of deceased, deeded in fee simple, about 28 Jan 1864, the West half of D.L.C. of said Truet Davis Sr., about 2 miles South of City of Albany. That said deceased then deeded it back to his parents during their natural lives or the survivor of them.

On the 3rd July 1864, the deceased was married to Lucinda Riley, now his Widow residing in Corvallis, Oregon age about 16 years. Deceased also leaves Truet Davis Sr., father, Alice Davis, his mother, Woolen Davis, brother age 34, John J. Davis, brother age 29, Eleanor B. Hackleman, sister age 40, Elizabeth McClellen, sister age 37, all of whom reside in Linn County, Oregon, except Elizabeth McClellen when last heard of was living in Wathendo County, Kansas. Widow and father relinguished right to administer. Business lot No. 3 and block 36 Albany Cemetery.



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Early Linn County Wills originally prepared by End of Trail Researchers.  Abstracts and additional files typed  by Pat Dunn, proceeds to go to Lebanon Genealogical Society.  Indexed and prepared for internet by Lisa L. Jones.  Copyright 2001.