First Methodist Episcopal Church, Albany

"The first Methodist Episcopal Church was a long-time landmark at the southeast corner of Third and Ellsworth intersection.  This building replaced an earlier church on this corner.  It was built in 1890 and dedicated January 4, 1891.  The contract price of the building was $9,325.  John McChesney was a prime builder on the project and he was the first groom to be married in the church when he took Candis Conn as his bride on November 25, 1891.

"Many Albany men (including this author) resisted the temptation to pull the bell rope that came down through their cramped Sunday-school room in the bell tower.  Some may have failed to resist. They know who they are.

"The tall spire was removed in the late 30s and in 1962 the Methodists vacated the building, moving to a new church on a four-acre campus in southwest Albany donated by Mrs. C. C. Cathey.  The old church was demolished and became the site of the Citizens Bank of Albany (now the Key Bank)."

Text excerpt from Remembering When IV -- A Photo Collection of Historic Albany, Oregon, by Robert Potts (6).  Photo from the collection of Lisa L. Jones.


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