Early Linn County Churches




"The religious convictions of the first Oregon emigrants were fixed, and were not in the least altered by their change of environment from the East to the new West.  A Methodist in the East remained a Methodist throughout his journey and so founded a Methodist home when Oregon was reached....Where one Presbyterian found fertile fields and abundant pure water, there other Presbyterians gathered and soon a Kirk arose....Where a Baptist elder staked out his donation claim, there Baptist laymen came and joined him in his Sabbath worship, and thus many communities became marked by an extreme denominational atmosphere and from these focal points the sects spread throughout the surrounding region.

In Linn County this seems to have been especially true and most denominations established here seem to be but the outward extension of some strong personality or of some closely knit family or colony."

Leslie Haskin, "Pioneer Centres of Religion", WPA


The following articles were abstracted from:

History of Linn County
Compiled by Workers of the Writer’s Program
Of the Work Projects Administration
In the State of Oregon
Sponsored by the Linn County Pioneer Memorial Association
Published about 1945

Other source materials are listed where appropriate, and a bibliography is provided.  Photos and links to other articles are included at the end of each denominational page.  For a complete list of photos, articles and links, see the photos page.


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Early Oregon Religion, from "Oregon:  The End of the Trail


Church histories were  abstracted from:  " History of Linn County", Compiled by Workers of the Writer’s Program, Works Progress Administration, ca. 1945.  See bibliography for above-cited references.  All photos from the collection of Lisa L. Jones, unless otherwise noted.  Lisa L. Jones contributed and is solely responsible for the content of these pages.  Copyright 2001.