First Christian Church, Albany

"Albany's First Christian Church...was on the northeast corner of Fourth and Broadalbin streets.  It was built largely by volunteer labor.  Charles Burggraf, Albany architect, drew the plans and specifications.  Laborers worked ten hour days for $4.  Total cost of the building was $10,000.

"The building's dedication on December 16, 1900 was conducted by Charles Reign Scoville of Chicago.  Membership at the time was 200.

"In the late 1920's Albany celebrated Armistice Day, November eleventh by firing a cannon in Takenah Park across the corner from the church.  The concussion resulted in broken windows on the side facing the park.  The result was that they learned to leave the windows open to avoid the damage. 

"In 1935 the church was remodeled and the two towers were removed.  The church was destroyed by fire on March 16, 1960."

Text excerpt from "Remembering When V -- A Photo Collection of Historic Albany, Oregon, by Robert Potts (8).  Photo from the collection of Lisa L. Jones.


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