Rock Hill

Also Known As: Dodge

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T 12S, R 2W, 28

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442937N 1225639W


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From Lebanon, south to Airport Road
0.6 m, Stoltz Rd. Turn Left
2 m, at bend, take Blueberry Hill Rd.
0.5 m, turn Right


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Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 700
LEBANON OR 97355-0000
Deed Ref: MF1122-562


Located on the southeast slope of Peterson Butte, southwest of Lebanon.

An article appeared in the Albany Democrat-Herald, June 1, 1964:

By Doris Gundersen, Democrat-Herald Staff Writer

A peaceful, scenic spot on a southeast foothill of Peterson's Butte, picked out a century ago by a pioneer for his own burial plot, has become a Memorial Day mecca for many families throughout the state and beyond.

The spot was chosen by Artimus Dodge, a pioneer from Maine who came by oxteam to Walla Walla about 1850 and moved to the Lebanon area in 1852. He selected it on a day when he was riding horseback over his property and was struck by the beauty of the view. As he sat on the saddlehorse, he remarked, "What a beautiful place to be buried."

His feeling about the place was echoed years later by a minister conducting a service on the peaceful site, "The summer breezes will always blow softly here."

Known variously as Dodge Cemetery and Rock Hill cemetery, the land was donated for cemetery use in 1892. It was surveyed and plotted June 23 and 24 of that year by E. T. T. Fisher. It was officially deeded to the Rock Hill Cemetery Association in 1897.

Samuel M. Garland of Lebanon drew up the articles of incorporation on May 15, 1897, giving it as Rock Hill Cemetery, and the papers were recorded on June 9 of the same year. The names on the deed are Grant and Sarah Dodge, grant being a son of Artimus.

Prior to that time the cemetery had been used and known to many as the Dodge Cemetery, and to many it is still known and used by that name. It was formerly marked by an arch over the gateway, reading "Dodge Cemetery," but the arch fell into disrepair years ago.

The first burial was in 1877 for Artimus Dodge's sister, Malinda Townsend, age 71. Later four of his children were buried there, prior to his own death in 1892...."

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The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on [undated, circa 1940[:

The Rock Hill Cemetery is situated in Section 28, Township 12 South of Range 2 West in Linn County, Oregon.  It is situated on the farm of John Steen and is a part of the J. J. Peterson donation land claim.  The cemetery is situated at the summit of a partially wooded hill directly southeast of Peterson’s Butte, the most prominent landmark in this part of the county, and which received its name from the above Peterson family.  The name “Dodge” Cemetery frequently given to this burying ground comes from the fact that the tract was first utilized as a burying place by Artemus Dodge, once owner o the land, and the man who deeded it to the public for cemetery purposes….

This is by no means an old cemetery.  The first burial of record is that of “Malinda Townsend” who died March 9, 1877, at the age of 71 years, 1 month and 16 days.  (Presumably a member of the Dodge family).  The second burial is that of “Arvilla, Daughter of A. F. Dodge”, who died March 9, 1878, aged 8 years, 10 months and 3 days.  The oldest birth date is that of “M. Vanderpool, born Jan. 24, 1798.

Historical and Biographical Notes.

Artemus Dodge. 1826-1892.  The founder of this cemetery.  He gave the land and members of his family were the first to be buried here.  He is known to have owned the land adjoining the cemetery in the year 1878.

Malinda Townsend.  1806-1877.  The first burial of record here.

Arvilla, Dau. Of A. & F. Dodge. 1869-1878. The second person known to have been buried here.  She was a daughter of Artemus Dodge, founder of the cemetery.

C. D. Steen.  1851-1925.  Father of the present owner [ca. 1940] of the land surrounding the cemetery.

M. Vanderpool.  1798-1896.  The oldest birth date here.

John Nichols. 1841-1900.
Margaret W. His Wife.  1837-1916.  The Nichols were a prominent pioneer family in the Rock Hill region.

Harry Jack Peterson.  1880-1936.  A member of the pioneer Peterson family of this region.  The large Butte north of the Cemetery is named after the Peterson family.  The land for the cemetery was a portion of an original Peterson Donation Land Claim.

Martin V. Jackson.  1839-1917.
Callie G. Jackson.  1847-1907.  Parents of L. W. Jackson who served as Linn County School superintendent.  He is now [ca. 1940] an owner and editor of the Albany Democrat Herald.

[End of Haskin survey.]

Online Transcriptions:

    Surveyed in 1998 by Patricia Dunn and available at Jan Phillips' website.


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