Also Known As: Kotan

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Nearest Town:

Lacomb, Scio

Est. # Burials:



T 11S, R 1W, 11

Size in Acres:


USGS Lat/Lon:

443815N 1224610W


Driving Directions:

East of Scio, off Fish Hatchery Road. West of Larwood bridge near Lacomb.


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 800 (no other info).


Family burial plots located on private property west of the Larwood bridge, near Lacomb.

Earliest burial is that of James F. Gaines, son of Louise & Willis, died. Aug. 9, 1853.

Online Transciptions:

This cemetery was surveyed in 1999 by Cathy Morgan, and is available at Jan Phillips' website.


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