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Sodaville, Lebanon

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T 12S, R 2W, 35

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Driving Directions:

West of Sodaville


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 1400
Deed Ref: 068-381


Located on private property.

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 4/21/1939:

This cemetery is situated in the south-western portion of Section 36 in Township 12 South, Range 2 West , in Linn county [NB: Linn Co. Tax Assessor shows this cemetery to be located in Section 35. It is apparently near the line between Sections 35 & 36.]. It is a portion of the Donation land claim of Richard Usher. The very old Usher house still stands (in 1939) on the county road about one fourth mile south of the cemetery and a few rods west of Oak Creek....

To call this a cemetery is perhaps a misnomer. There are only three graves in the tract.... There is no definite name for the tract, so the field worker...chose that of the Childs family who owned the land at the time the burials were made, also because two of the burials inhabitants of the Childs home at the time of their deaths. The principal monument here is that of "Susan Lavina Childs", wife of the owner of the land at the time of her death.

Only one grave in this cemetery carries a death date- that of Susan Lavina Childs who died May 29, 1905. A reliable informant, however, stated that H. H. Smith buried here died about the year 1895 and so is probably the first burial here, David Robinson the second burial, and Susan Lavina Childs the last. One other grave formerly occupied this tract, that of a Mr. Cheshire, but his body has been removed to another burial place.

Historical & Biographical Notes:

H. H. Smith, died about 1895 Co. F, 1st Oregon Inf. A Civil War Veteran. Is reputed to have died in 1895, therefore the first burial here.

David Robinson. Died in the 26th year of his sojourn. Nothing further learned concerning him save that his death was sudden and under somewhat suspicious circumstances. He came up from his work at the close of a day and complained of not being well. Died in a very short time. He was a member of the Childs household at the time.

Susan Lavina Childs. Dec 18, 1834 - May 29, 1905 Wife of Seth H. Childs, at one time owner of this place. There is a vacant space n the monument for the husband's name which has never been filled in. The husband, Seth H. Childs, died while on a trip to the East. Is believed to have been buried in Wisconsin.

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