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T 13S, R 4W, 26

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NW of Halsey on banks of Muddy Creek


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Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Not found.


From "Halsey" by M. Carey & P. Hainline:

"Yarborough Cemetery has all but disappeared. No headstones can be seen; only rectangular sunken areas show where the few graves are, and myrtle, or periwinkle, vines abound. The site is beautiful, on a high bank overlooking Muddy Creek, at the back of the Fred and Mary McNeil Dannen farm.

"The cemetery is on the John B. Yarborough Donation Land Claim, one and one-half miles north of Halsey. Yarborough came to Oregon in 1848, sold his claim in 1864 to Barnett Ramsay, who established his pottery about a half-mile north of the cemetery.

"Only six graves are believed to occupy the cemetery. Alice Tabor, two members of the Ebenezer Hayes family, and three members of the George Hill family were buried here."

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 7/19/1939:

The Yarborough Cemetery is situated in Section 26, Township 13 South of Range 4 West in Linn county. It is on a portion f the John B. Yarborough Donation Land Claim and lies on the banks of Muddy Creek about one-fourth mile west of the public road which bounds the east side of the above claim, and perhaps five rods north of the south line of the claim....

...[N]o signs of this cemetery now remain except some very indistinct sunken spots in the wheat field, indicating the old sunken graves. The entire tract has been cleared and cultivated and is now, (139) in newly harvested wheat. Besides the faint sunken spots in the wheat field there is no evidence that burials were ever made here except the scattering growth of "myrtle vines", (Vinca major). This common little evergreen plant, also sometimes called periwinkle, is an almost certain indication of an old house or cemetery site as it was very popular with pioneer gardeners. (The vines here will be found on the west, or pasture side of the fence where the ground has not been plowed.)

This old and deserted cemetery does not even have a well recognized neighborhood name. The title "Yarborough Cemetery" has been given it simply because that was the name f the original land claimant here. The history of the cemetery is very obscure and nothing could be learned of the man Yarborough except that he came to Oregon at an early date - some say 1848 - and that he also sold out his claim and left this region in the early 1860's. The man to whom he sold his claim was Barnet Ramsay, Oregon's first pioneer potter. Ramsay bought the land on March 22, 1864 and established his pottery about one half mile north of the cemetery. The deed is signed by "John B. Yarborough and by Mary Yarborough (X her mark)". The consideration (for 350 acres) was $1500.

Almost all information concerning this cemetery has been supplied by Amos Ramsay, grandson of the above Barnet Ramsay, and by William Wells, the present [1939] owner of the north half of the claim. The south portion of the claim where the cemetery was located is owned by Frank Kamph and it was he who cleared and plowed the old cemetery. According to Mr. Kamph there were a few monuments remaining when he took possession of the land but these were broken and are now totally lost.

(Both Amos Ramsay and William Wells, informants on the history of this tract, are nearing or have reached the age of 80 years. Both are of Oregon Pioneer stock and well informed in neighborhood history. L. Haskin, Field worker.)

The following list of names of persons known to have been buried in his cemetery was furnished by Amost Ramsay, grandson of Barnett Ramsay who purchased the land in 1864. When the Ramsay family moved on to the Yarborough claim which they had purchased Amos was just six weeks old. Amos Ramsay is a son of Jacob Ramsay. Jacob Ramsay purchased this place from his father, Barnett Ramsay, on October 17, 1868.

List of Burials:

Alice Tabor.

George Hill family. Three women of this family buried here.

Ebenezer Hayes family. Two members of the Hayes Family buried here.

"There were also others buried here whom I do not remember I do not think that any Yarboroughs are buried in this cemetery."

Historical & Biographical Notes:

Ebenezer Hayes mentioned above owned much of the land where the city of Halsey is situated. Hayes himself is not believed to be buried here.

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