White, Luther


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T 15S, R 3W, 13

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Starting at Gap Road & Ranch Road:
3.8 m, turn W onto Belts Dr.
1.3 m., Belts Dr. curves to L.
Straight, 0.1 m., past house on corner, farm gate.
Thru farm gate, 300 yds to Luther White Cemetery,


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Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Not found.

Friedman driving  instructions don't seem quite right, would be more like section 1 or 2. Luther White D.L.C. is in Sections 12 & 13. Leaving this in section 13 for now.

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 1/4/1939

This cemetery is situated on what is known as the old Luther White ranch, and Luther White was a very early occupant of the land but it appears from the records that it was first taken up as a Donation Land Claim by one James M. Wigle.... The cemetery is situated about nine miles due south from Brownsville and eight miles due east from Harrisburg. While no exact records could be secured it is apparently in Section 13, (or, possibly, being very near the line it may be in Section 14), in Township 15 South, Range 3 West of the Willamette Meridian....

When this cemetery was first established, and by whom, is not definitely known. The first burial of record is that of "Lydia M., Daughter of Mr. Elisha and Mrs. Elizabeth Griffeth" who died on November 8th, 1847, at the age of 1 year and 6 months. Following this there is o burial of record until that of "Henry M., Son of W. & S. I. Hawk" who died on December 17, 1852 at the age of eight months.

The oldest birth date recorded in this cemetery is that of John Wilson who was born on April 19, 1788 and died May 24th, 1879. His wife, Polly, was born in 1796.

Great difficulty was experienced in making this survey due to the fact that a large number of the monuments were fallen and broken. Many stones had actually to be dug up from beneath an accumulation of moss, leaves and dirt, and cleaned before the inscriptions could be read. Some were fastened to the ground beneath the entangling, wide-spreading roots of oak scrub and hazel clumps....So many stones in his cemetery are fallen and buried in trash that there is little doubt that some have been unavoidably overlooked.

Historical & Biographical Notes:

Selden B. Warner. 1825-1902. This man was a pioneer of 1852. Born in Indiana. His donation land claim included some of the butte on which this cemetery is situated.

Elizabeth Warner. 1800-1863. Was the mother of the above. An emigrant of 1852. Her husband was killed by being caught under the wheels of their wagon while pushing it up a steep hill on the way to Oregon. Her donation claim included part o the butte on which this cemetery is situated. She was first buried in another cemetery about two miles to the south of this place on the S. Meeks (Skye(?) Meeks). Upon the abandonment of the cemetery her body was moved to this place about the year 1914. Her maiden name was Gilpin.

Polly, Wife of John Wilson.
1795-1862. One of the earliest birth dates revealed in this cemetery. Maiden name was also Wilson.

John Wilson. 1788-1878. The oldest birth date recorded here. John Wilson's donation land claim included the land adjoining northward from the Diamond Hill schoolhouse. Born in 1788. Lived in Kentucky until he reached manhood. Soldier in 3d Kentucky Volunteers in war of 1812. Also a soldier in the Black Hawk Indian war. In the war of 1812 was sent to Canada and participated in the fight on the Thames River. Married Polly Wilson, 1817.

Paul Belts. 1829-1903. Pioneer of 1852. Rogue River Indian War Veteran.

Elisha Griffeth. 1803-1871. An early pioneer in the Union Point neighborhood. His donation land claim included the land now occupied by the present Union Point District School. A pioneer of the year 1845.

Lydia M., Daughter of Mrs. Elisha and Mrs. Elizabeth Griffeth. Died Nov. 8, 1847. This is the first burial of record in this cemetery. The inscribed stone is a very neatly engraved block of native tufa from the quarry in the "Gap" about four miles north of this place. The lettering was evidently done by a trained stone-cutter for it is neat and well-executed.

Henry M. Son of W. & S. I. Hawk. Died Dec 17, 1852. This stone is of gray marble but otherwise is the same dimensions as the last. This is the second burial in his cemetery and it stands scarcely six inches from the side of the first one. It seems evident that these two baby graves, the first to be placed on this hill, were purposely put close together as a symbol of companionship in lonely Oregon death. In 1847 and 1852 a child's grave must have seemed a tiny, lonesome thing in the great expanse of unfenced wilderness.

J. P. Hawk. 1832-1886. One of the early pioneers of this region.

J. H. Pierce. 1824-1887. An early pioneer in this region.

Silas S. White. 1851-1871. "He came to his death by the hand of an assassan (sic)". This is a son of Rev. Luther White on whose farm this cemetery was laid out. No information could be learned as to details of his death. [The following was a handwritten addendum]: (Later -) He died in a drunken brawl.

Rev. Luther White. 1815-1913. A pioneer preacher of the Presbyterian Church. Also a surveyor. He surveyed the site of Eugene City, Lane County. His surveying instruments are still preserved at that place. He laid out many of the roads in this region.

Martha A. White. 1823-1894. Her maiden name was Pettigan (spelling uncertain.)


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    Leslie Haskin's WPA survey is transcribed and available here.

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