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Jordan, Scio

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T 9S, R 1E, 30

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444510N 1224350W


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One-half mile NE of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, 2 miles N. of Jordan Church


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Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 400
PO BOX 100
ALBANY OR 97321-0000
Deed Ref: 61-336


In the spring of 1852, fifty wagons in the Claggett-Irvine-Berry train left Gentry County, Missouri for Oregon.  These closely associated families were originally from Todd Co., Kentucky.  The train reached Oregon in October of 1852. 

Included in this train were Margaret Hadley Irvine(1796-1852) and eight of her nine children.  Her husband Jesse Irvine (1790-1846) died in Gentry County, MO, prior to the family's emigration.

It was said that the Irvines made the move to Oregon "with the hope of improving the health of the mother, and that of James, the youngest boy of the family, as well as seeking financial advantages."  Indeed, Margaret Hadley Irvine died the day the family arrived in Oregon, 13 Oct. 1852.  The story of her death as told by her son Benjamin Irvine is as follows:

"It was towards the end of the long journey that mother fell seriously ill.  It was her constant prayer that she might reach the land of promise with her family and once more rest beneath the shelter of a house.  In this prayer she was joined by the little group of her devoted children.  Her prayer was answered.  As soon as we reached Salem, which was  then only a village, I secured shelter, and three hours after we had taken our abode in the log cabin which afforded comfort in our hour of need, my mother's soul took flight to that undiscovered country to which we are all bound."

The Irvine family spent the winter in Salem, then took up Donation Land Claims the following spring.  Jesse, Robert, James, and Benjamin  took up claims at the "forks of the Santiam.  These claims were located in the Mt. Pleasant area -- indeed at one time the district was known as "Irvine Hill."

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is located on the DLC of Robert Armington Irvine, who also donated land for a school house near buy.  Robert later bought land near Tallman, and was living in Albany at the time of his death.  He is buried at Albany Masonic Cemetery.

Jesse Irvine moved from Mt. Pleasant area to Scio, and later had residence in Brownsville.  He is buried at Corvallis.

Benjamin Harrison Logan Irvine lived at Mt. Pleasant for over 50 years, then retired to Lebanon.  He is buried at Lebanon Masonic.

Below are short narratives of some of the people buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, and their relationship to the Irvine family:

James Nelson Irvine.  18 Jan 1833 - 21 Mar 1861.

"James Nelson Irvine, son of Jesse and Margaret Irvine, was born in Elkton, Todd County, Kentucky, January 18, 1833.  He spent his early manhood in Gentry County, Missouri.  Not being a strong child, the hardships of that frontier life did not develop in him a vigorous constitution.  We are told that the trip to Oregon was made partly in hopes that his health and that of his mother would be benefited.

"In early life James Irvine united with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and continued in that faith until his death.  He married Lucinda Whited on January 4, 1853.  She lived near Salem and was also a pioneer of 1852.  After his marriage he followed his borthers Robert, Jesse, Benjamin, and sister Margaret, into the forks of the Santiam River above Scio.  As all pioneers did, he took up a donation land claim.... Three children, Margaret, Almina, and William H. came to them in those seven years.

"James, known as a man of exceptionally fine character, was fond of his family and of his new home.  He was bedridden the last year of his life and died March 21, 1861.  Lucinda, his wife, later married Thomas J. Richardson and remained in Linn County.  Here she raised her two girls and lived to see many grandchildren.  She died May 26, 1909, and was buried in Jefferson, Oregon."  Georgia G. Ramp, Stayton, Oregon, as told to Edith Kerns Chambers.

James Harrison Irvine.  25 Dec 1858 - 31 Mar 1861.

Son of Benjamin H. L. & Rebecca (Johnson) Irvine.  Died at the age of two years, having been accidentally injured on the return trip from his uncle James Irvine's funeral (see above.)

Benjamin F. Fryrear.  Oct 19 1858-Nov 26 1858

Infant son of J.B. & E.F. Fryrear.  First burial in this cemetery.  E. F. Fryrear was a member of the Berry family.  It is possible that the Fryrears were included in the Claggett-Irvine-Berry train.


Many more of the burials in this cemetery are descendants of the Irvine brothers.  It is my hope to someday complete a more thorough history of this cemetery, as so many of them are my ancestors (Benj. H.L. Irvine was my gr-gr-grandfather).  In the meantime, if you have questions regarding these families, or if you have historical or biographical information that you would like to contribute, please contact me.  LLJ


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