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T 13S, R 4W, 4

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442800N 1231107W


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On O 34 between Corvallis & Albany, at Peoria -Harrisburg Jct., south on Peoria Rd.
About 7 miles to Brattain Dr., turn Left or east
1.4 miles on South, farm lane leads to top of slope.


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 300
Deed Ref: 027-014


Coon-Miller family burials on D.L.C. of James M. Coon. On private property.

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 7/19/1939.

This cemetery is situated on the James M. Coon Donation Land Claim in Section 4, Township 13, South of Range 4 West in Linn County....

Among the present-day inhabitants of the region this cemetery is popularly known as "The Miller Cemetery" because of the predominance of Miller burials here. Among the older pioneer families, however, it is called "The Coon Cemetery" since it was first established upon the James M. Coon Donation land claim. This is strictly a private cemetery dating back to pioneer days and the tract is owned by present-day members of the Miller family.

The first burial of record here is that of Sarah, wife of John Miller, who died July 3, 1853 The earliest birth date is that of this same Sarah Miller, July 12, 1790. Her husband, John Miller Sr. was born November 15, 1792. This cemetery is still occasionally used for family burials, the last having taken place about one year ago (June 1938).

Concerning the history of the Coon and Miller families it might here be stated James M. Coon married Nancy Miller in 1847, just before starting for Oregon. Nancy Miller is believed to have been the daughter of John and Sarah Miller, also buried here. Burials here seem therefore to be confined strictly to man and wife, their children, and the wife's relatives.

Historical & Biographical Notes:

John Miller Jr. 1828-1858. Son of John Miller and Sarah Miller. Believed to have come to Oregon in 1847. A brother of Nancy Miller coon, wife of the original owner of the claim where the cemetery is situated. Had a D.L.C. next east.

Jacob Miller. ---- - ----. Probably a Civil War Veteran....

Sarah Miller. 1790-1853. First burial of record here. Also the earliest birth date recorded at this cemetery. This is the mother-in-law of the original holder of the land here.

John Miller. 1792-1858. An early birth date. He was the father-in-law of James M. Coon, owner of f original claim here. Believed to have come to Oregon in 1847.

James M. Coon. 1819-1890. A pioneer of the year 1847. His wife was the daughter of John Miller next above. James Coon owned the original donation land claim where this cemetery is situated. A rather complete biography of this man was published in "Edgar Williams & Co. Illustrated Atlas Map of Marion and Linn Counties, San Francisco, 1878." [Excerpts from biography below]:

..James M. Coon, born in Jefferson Co., Kentucky, near Louisville, in 1813 [NB: this differs from the date of birth listed on his tombstone].... In 1847 he married Miss Nancy Miller. They are the parents of 14 children, five of whom are dead. The eldest, Henry C., born in Oregon in 1847, died in 1848; Sarah Caroline, born in 1849; Angelina, born in 1851, and died in the same year; Mary Jane, born in 1852, died in 1873; Marion G., born in 1854; John P., born in 1856; Margaret M., born in 1858; Austin L., born in 1860; Albert B., born in 1861; Ida Bell, born in 1863; Levisa and Lavina, twins, were born in 1865, both died in1866; James N., and Nancy A., twins, born in 1870. The last named children are still living with their parents."

A. C. C. This is probably the "Angelina" [Coon] mentioned in the above biographical sketch. If so, she was born and died in the year 1851 and is therefore the earliest burial here.

M. J. C. Probably the "Mary Jane" [Coon] of the above sketch. If she was born in 1852 and died in 1873.

L. A. C. - L. C. C. These are probably the twins, "Levisa" and "Lavina" mentioned in the above biographical sketch. If so, both were born in 1865 and both died in 1866.

[--end of Haskin WPA survey.]

In addition to the names provided in the Haskin survey, the following names were included in the EOT survey:

Miller, Ellen. 1849-1921

Miller, John Jr. D. 25 June 1858, ae 30 yrs, 3 mos, 27 dys

Coon, Nancy.  1827-1907

Coon, Henry.  1847-

Coon, Sarah G. 1849-1906

Barnhart.  Two children's graves of people traveling through the country.

Sheppard.  Two graves.


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