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1 known


T 15S, R 3W, 26

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About 8 1/2 miles S. of Brownsville via Old Gap Rd. on butte top


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[Possibly the same as "Weger"? ODOT lists both in section 26, T 15S, R 3W; EOT list shows section 16, which does not correspond with "Old Gap Rd", and is probably a typographical error. WPA history indicates that the Meeks cemetery was located in Section 26, T 15S, R 3W, and was situated on or near the Thomas M. Wegger (sic) D.L.C. For the time being, I have combined Meeks-Weger as one cemetery, but this is unconfirmed and requires more research.]

BLM database indicates Thomas & Mary Ann Weger D.L.C. at Sections 25, 26, 27, T 15S, R 3W, 639.5 acres.

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on (undated, ca. 1940):

This cemetery has been called "The Meeks Cemetery" because it seems to have been established when one Samuel Meeks owned the land on which it is situated. It is, in truth, merely the fragment of an old deserted cemetery which has long since ceased to be used.

No deed seems to exist for this tract other than that held by the present owner of the land, a certain Howell estate, therefore no exact description or location could be obtained. It seems to be situated on a part of the original Thomas M. Wegger Donation land claim, but even this is not absolutely certain.

As near as it can be located exactly the cemetery is situated near the center of Section 26, Township 15 South of Range 3 West in Linn County.

To reach this cemetery proceed south from Brownsville following the course of the old Territorial Road through "The Gap" to the Diamond Hill Schoolhouse, (about eight miles due south from Brownsville.) At the Diamond Hill Schoolhouse the way turns west for approximately one fourth mile, then again south, (with numerous short angling turns), for about three miles. At this point the road again turns west. Follow west for approximately one fourth mile to the Fred Gates farm situated to the south of the road. At the Gates farm entrance turn south and follow the (private) lane to the Gates farmhouse, - (The buildings are not easily seen from the public road as a large ash grove here obstructs the view,), a distance of perhaps twenty rods. From the Gates barn the course is on foot across private lands; first east about twenty rods to the first cross fence; from thence through a gate following a track leading southward for nearly one fourth mile and through a second gate. (Here the Fred Gates farm is left behind and the way is through land owned by the Howell Estate, (Clem Howell, manager), still southward and up the steep slopes of a butte for perhaps another one-fourth mile. Here, on the summit of the butte and beneath a lone Douglas fir tree is the cemetery tract.

The cemetery is merely an unfenced, indefinite area beneath a single fir tree (the only tree in this immediate locality) and is recognizable only by the fact that here is a thick grown of trailing myrtle (Vinca) covering the ground together with scattering rose bushes. It lies at the summit of a tall butte and is surrounded on all sides by cultivated field.

Of the history of this burying place almost nothing can be given. It is reported to have at one time contained a number of graves including members of the Meeks family who owned this land previous to 1878. It is also know that members of the Warner family were buried here- especially Elizabeth Warner 1800-1863. Elizabeth Warner was the mother of Seldon B. Warner and was a pioneer, with her son, of the year 1852. Her body was taken up and removed and reinterred in the Luther White cemetery about the year 1914. It is inferred that no burials have taken place here since before that date.

Only one inscribed stone now remains- James Wilson. Died Mar 21, 1870. Aged 71 yrs. 3 mos. 5 ds. (White marble 2x16x30 inches.) (A mere fragment fallen and broken into three parts.)

Historical & Biographical Notes:

James Wilson, 1799-1870. A James Wilson is known to have taken up a donation land claim in the foot-hills about one mile south of this cemetery site. Otherwise nothing could be learned.

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