Lacomb Fern Ridge

Also Known As: Nave

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T 11S, R 1E, 31

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USGS Lat/Lon:

443421N 1224426W


Driving Directions:

From Lebanon, NE on Brewster Rd, about 2 m
East on Lacomb Dr about 6 miles to Lacomb
South on Ford Mill Dr., about 1 mile.
Cemetery located on NE where road turns east.


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 2500
Deed Ref: 168-769,107-178, MF1-385


On Metsker map of 1930, J. T. Nave is property owner.

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 8/7/1939:

Fern Ridge Cemetery is the official name of this foot-hill burying ground but in the immediate neighborhood it is frequently called "The Lacomb Cemetery" or "The Nave Cemetery." The name "Lacomb Cemetery" comes, of course, from its nearness to the country village of Lacomb; the "Nave Cemetery" from the fact that it is situated on a portion of the farm holdings of Mr. J. T. Nave....

The first burial here was that of a small son of James and Samantha Nave, about 1888. This burial, however, was not within the limits of the present tract but nearer the angle in the road and west of the present cemetery. The second burial here was that of Mrs. Nave's father, a Mr. Conner (or Corner). (Probably Charles Conner). The third burial was that of an infant child of a Mr. Sanders who still [in 1939] resides at Lacomb. When the cemetery tract was formally laid out the Nave child was removed from the grave near by and placed with the borders of the permanent cemetery.

The work and expense of establishing this cemetery seems to have been the work and give of Mr. Jim (J. T.) Nave. His own narrative is that he gave the land and, in his colloquial speech, "I announced a working to clear the land but no one came. There was a new grave and the cows had made a path right across it. I couldn't stand that so I bough planks and built a plant (sic) fence around the lot. When the planks rotted off I called for a working to build a new fence and only one man came. I burned off the logs and brush almost all alone. Sometimes I wish that I had never given the land here. It's been a sight of trouble and bother all these years."

The earliest birth date record here is that of Ira Richardson, April 8, 1819. Title to this tract is now [in 1939] held by the Trustees of the Fern Ridge Cemetery.

Historical & Biographical Notes:

Ira Richardson. 1819-1911. The oldest birth date recorded here.

James Nave. 1862-19__ (Still living). [In 1939]. The donor of the land for this cemetery. His infant son was the first burial here. (Possibly a mistake in copying birth date. It should be earlier.)

Samantha Nave. 1848-1936. Wife of the last.

David S. Myers. 1851-1904. A "Myers", believed to be this man, was killed by a falling limb while engaged in forest fire fighting.

Wm. W. Saunders. 1856-19__ (Still living.) [In 1939]. His home is in Lacomb. His infant son was the third burial in this plot.

[end of Haskin survey.]

Online Transcriptions:

    Available at Jan Phillips' website.



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