Sweet Home

From EOT survey:  "On Reeves Hill near McDowell Creek.  'An old man named Black'.  Couldn't make it up the hill to Ferguson Family Cemetery.  Thought to be the father of Mrs. John Calvin Woodruff (nee Ellen Black)."

From ODOT survey:  "1 grave of man named Black -- On Reeves Hill, McDowell Creek area.  (estab.) 1883"


From EOT survey:  "Near Cascadia - on shelf south of Hwy. 20.  3 graves.  Used to have wooden fence.

Also included on ODOT survey.



From EOT survey:  "Near Huffman Bridge at foot of Hungry Hill, upper side of road.  Young Curl Boy."

Dunden (or Dundon)

From EOT survey: "One grave at Dunden Place.  A child buried in back yard."

From ODOT survey:  "A child buried in back yard."


T 10S, R 3W, Sec 36 --  Knox Butte, Albany

From DAR records:  "On the east side of Knox Butte are three graves -- probably early fifties.

Mrs. Frances (Gibson) Earl (listed as Fanny Earl in the 1850 census.)

Child of John Ivy.

Unknown young man.

Vouched for by Mrs. Elizabeth Lines."

[end of DAR note.]

From ODOT survey:  "On Earl D.L.C. on E. side of Knox Butte near Albany.  3 graves.  1880's - 10S, 3W, 36

See also Jan Phillips' website.

Fairview Memorial

This cemetery was listed on the ODOT cemetery survey of 1978.  No other mention has been found to date.  It is designated as 4 acres, moderately tended, 0-25 graves, estab. 1960's.  It is possible that this is the same as Fairview Mennonite cemetery, also included on the ODOT survey.


T 11S, R 3W, Sec 27 --  Albany

BLM shows D.L.C. of Olney Fry at 11S, 3W, 27 & 28. According to DAR records:

"On the Fry (Olney Fry, Sr.) Donation Land Claim, southeast of Albany, there was a family burial ground from which all except two bodies were removed to the Riverside Cemetery at Albany.

A stone found in the field reads:

Roxey Fry, wife of E. W. Watson, died Sept. 11, 1856, aged 27 years 6 months and 10 days.

Mary Culver (wife of Amos).

--end of DAR note.


T 13S, R 4E, Sec 26 -- Cascadia

ODOT survey notes:  "Road crew found 3 graves located near Upper Soda, E. of Cascadia." 

From EOT survey:  "Three graves near Upper Soda - once named for Garrison family who lived nearby.

DAR Miscellaneous:  "On the Santiam Highway at Upper Soda (then called Garrison) is one grave with the following inscription: 

Foster, Mrs. Charles (daughter of ________Garrison), died June 1894.

"Reported by the owner of the land, William Looney."

--end of DAR note.

[Charles Foster was first postmaster of Garrison P. O.  1930 Metsker map shows M. J. Looney as property owner in this section.]


From EOT survey:  "Two graves up the Calapooia from Holly.  Ask Bertha Malone of Lois Rice.  (?) graves between Holly and Rocky Point.  Also 2 or 3 graves on Blue Creek."

Indian Grave at Lost Prairie

Sweet Home

From EOT Survey:  "Indian grave at Lost Prairie.  Andrew Wiley Historical Marker also."

From ODOT survey:  "Indian Grave - Lost Prairie Hwy. 20"

John Swallow Grave

Lat 443446N Lon 1215033W -- Marion Forks

Included on USGS GNIS as a cemetery, but otherwise not indicated on any survey.  No other information available at this time.



From EOT survey:  "One grave on Brush Creek so. of Crawfordsville.  Lemaster."


Sweet Home

From EOT survey:  "Two graves on Fred Malone place.  Fred Malone married Bertha Groshong.  His mother was Liza Weddle who married Tom Malone."

Also included on ODOT survey.


Sweet Home

Tombstone of McKnight boy at Tombstone Prairie now resting in Sand Ridge Cemetery.

This historical marker is mentioned on a number of websites:

See "Destinations:  Santiam River"

    Horseweb:  Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Road



Moss Butte

Sweet Home

From EOT survey:  "One grave (tombstone) near Moss Butte on Green Place.  Name unknown at this time.  Found by at least 3 men while hunting or timber cruising."

Also included on ODOT survey.


T 10S, R 3W, Sec 10 

Unable to locate any information about this cemetery.  It is listed on the EOT survey, as a handwritten note:  "Pilcher -- See Sam Kimball", and then subsequently indicated on the ODOT survey.


Sweet Home

From EOT survey:  "On south side of Middle Fork Quartzville.  Graves of two men."


Gold Hill

From EOT survey:  "Graves on Gold hill. One named Renfrew."


From EOT survey:  "Rice grave on Shot Pouch Creek.  A lady -- fell while helping build a cabin and ruptured self.  Body probably removed later.  In Section 26."

Rolf (?)

Sweet Home

From EOT survey:  "South side of Middle Fork below Green Peter Res.  One grave.  Rolf


Unable to locate any information about this site.  It is included on the ODOT survey as "Enos Russell place in barn yard.  Maybe Newton Russell grave".  According to AHGP (Jan Phillips') web site, this grave has been determined to be that of Freeman Russell.  No other info located.

Shea Hill

T 13S, R 1E, Sec 26 -- Lat 442411N Lon 1224023W -- Foster

From EOT survey:  "On homestead of D. W. McClure, later sold to Peter Shea.  Perhaps 4 graves.  South of Foster Reservoir Dam."

USGS survey shows cemetery "Sweet Home Valley" at lat/lon 442411N, 1224023W, which is in this approx. area.

BLM shows homestead of Denny H. McClure, 13S, 1E, 34.


From EOT Survey:  "Evidence of soldiers graves found on side of Sand Mt. West of Tombstone Pass."

Included on ODOT survey.


T 14S, R 1W, Sec 10 Holley; Crawfordsville

From EOT survey:  "Splawn family cemetery.  Old - now farmed over.  Perhaps 3 or more graves."

Also included on ODOT survey



From DAR records:  "Northwest of Halsey.  Alice Taber, and others whose names are not known, are buried in an old cemetery."

See Yarborough Cemetery.



From EOT survey:  "Single grave and Stone on old Sam Gunderson place, 4 miles south of Sodaville.  A. K. Thompson born Jan 8, 1838 - died Nov 21, 1888.  Royal Arch Masom [sic, s/b Mason] Chpt. 19."

Timber-Linn Memorial Park

Lat 443809N Lon 1230313W -- Albany

This is listed as a cemetery on USGS GNIS list, but it does not appear that there are any burials here -- just a War memorial to Linn Co. veterans.  See Timber-Linn Memorial Park for names included on memorial.


Sweet Home

From "Sweet Home: In the Oregon Cascades" by Carey & Hainline: "Whitcomb Cemetery is on an island in green Peter Reservoir, across from Whitcomb Creek Park.  Before Green Peter Dam, this island was a butte located at the confluence of the Middle Fork of the Santiam River and Quartzville Creek. 

The George Whitcomb family homsteaded on this butte in 1889, and in 1899 a diphtheria epidemic took the lives of three of their four children.  Whitcomb buried them nearby where, according to one report, was already buried a man who had died in an accident."


T 13S, R 2E, Sec 20

From EOT survey:  "Two Zastrow children. S 20 T 13S R 2E."


T 0S, R 0, Sec 0 -- Lat  Lon  -- Jordan, Scio

From EOT survey: "One single grave on the Fred Ziglinski place located a little west of Jordan in east Linn County.  Supposedly the grave of a boy who drowned after slipping of(f) a foot log across Thomas Creek nearby.  Once fenced but now merely farmed around.  This grave was tended by John Frost until his death."



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