Blain, Wilson

Also Known As: Dinwiddie, D. Gray

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Nearest Town:


Est. # Burials:

< 10 known


T 14S, R 3W, 14

Size in Acres:


USGS Lat/Lon:

442058N 1230030W


Driving Directions:

SW of Brownsville From O 228, south on Gap Road 2.3 miles,
W onto Ranch Road 1.6 miles,
S onto Stubbs Road .1 mile,
L onto farm road. Cemetery is 0.4 miles past farm gate.


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 500,
exact location not known. (see notes)
HALSEY OR 97348-0000
Deed Ref: 40-331,69-210


Located on the David L. Gray DLC. Linn Co. Tax Assessor's Map shows 5.6 acre cemetery, tax lot 500, but states that the exact location of this cemetery cannot be determined. Heirs of J.N. Duncan are listed as contact, but I'm not sure of the significance of this.

Wilson Blain died 22 Feb, 1861. According to Milligan, he is buried on David L. Gray DLC, in an unmarked grave. His wife was Elizabeth Wilson.

James H. Wilson married Mary Dinwiddie. Their DLC was located nearby, as was that of Thomas Dinwiddie. (see Milligan Vols. 3, 5, 17).

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin ca. 1938:

The D. Gray Cemetery is abandoned and entirely neglected. It is a track of apparently about one-half acre in extent lying in an open pasture and freely grazed over by horses, sheep and cattle. No trace of a fence remains and all of the stones are fallen and most of them broken. Scarcely any of them remain in their original site so that the location of particular graves is impossible.

...The most conspicuous feature of this deserted cemetery is the dressed sandstone base for a monument which appears to stand unmoved on its original site. This base, a dressed sandstone cube, is about fourteen inches square by eighteen inches high. It is topped by a marble fragment about twelve inches square and beside it lies what is evidently the remainder of the monolith -- a tapering shaft of marble about 8 x 8 inches at base and four feet tall and inscribed:

Art Royal Youngest Son of A. B. & N. J. Paxton. Born May 18, 1870 Died Sept 18, 1873

The A. B. Paxton noted above is said by Andrew Kirk, pioneer resident, to have resided on this land at one time. His name appears as one of the customers of the Brown & Blakley Store at Brownsville in 1854 to 1857.

Besides the above, the following monuments and fragments were located:

Monument fragment 2 x 18 x 18 inches "Elisa +++ "Wife of David D. Gray." "Died Mar 20, 1855." "Aged 41 years, 4 mos & 21 Days."

David or 'D' Gray, according to Andrew Kirk, pioneer of 1854, was the man who received the original Government donation here.

Fragment 6x8 inches "Age 11 Mo."

Fragment 10x12 inches: "Died Feb 22, 1861 Aged 47 years"

Fragment (Small): "Light my +++ Is laid up +++"

Fragment (Small): "Henceforth there +++ For me a crown +++ Righteousness which +++"

Fragment 2x18x18 inches: "I will that they +++ Given me be with me +++ they may behold my glory +++ Have given me +++ John +++"

Fragment 2x18x24 inches: "Sacred to the memory of Thomas Henry born Jan 13, 1788"

Fragment 2x18x18 inches "Margaret, wife of Thomas Henry Died Mar 20, 1870. Aged +++"

Fragment 2 x 18 x 24 inches

The above Thomas Henry was one of the first physicians to settle in region. His practice was in the upper Calapooia Valley and he had an office in the back room of the original Brown & Blakely Store (Informant Andrew Kirk, native son of 1854). Dr. Henry's name appears in the old Brown & Blakely store books (Book 1) for the year 1852, and in 1864 to 1867 (Book 3).

In conclusion, no trace could be found of any monument with inscription mentioning Rev. Wilson Blain, although it is generally conceded that he is buried in this cemetery. The persons vouching for his burial here are: Andrew Kirk, pioneer of 1854, Iria Dinwiddie Kirk, wife of the above, and Elmer Dinwiddie a brother-in-law. The Dinwiddie's are family relatives of Wilson Blain and knew him well.

Apparently this cemetery is on the way to be completely obliterated.

[end of Haskin's survey]


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