Allphin, William


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Syracuse area

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T 10S, R 3W, 8

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444243N 1230450W


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Syracuse area NW of Jefferson


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Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Not found. William Allphin D.L.C. located in sections 5 & 8, per BLM.


William Allphin arrived in Oregon 1847 -- Captain of his emigrant train. He was also a member of the Territorial Legislature.

An article appeared in Albany Democrat-Herald, 26 Oct 1961:

"Restoration of the Allphin cemetery by the Miller-Simisen-Hale-Allphin Cemetery Association has been completed as far as possible within the past year. Located on a corner of what is now the Mervin Case farm and bordering the Charles L. Jones property.

This old cemetery was a burying ground for nine members of the Allphin family, former Dever community pioneers. This family and another pioneer family, the McClains, came across the plains in the same wagon train and made their camp in the Willamette Valley in September, 1847. In the late winter of 1847, the men of the two families rode south into Linn County and staked out their claims in what is now the Dever community.

Through the years, some attention has been given the cemetery, but last year the association rebuilt the fence, cleared the ground, and reset the stones so that now this reminder of pioneer days takes its rightful place in the history of Dever community." (photo included with article).

Three burials are known:

Allphin, William - Oct 7, 1876, age 78y 10m 18d
Allphin, Zillah - Feb 8, 1848, age 42y. Wife of William Allphin
Allphin, Pheby - Mar 13, 1875, age 60y. Wife of William Allphin

The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 3/20/1940:

The Allphin Cemetery is a now almost forgotten burial place which is situated on the original William Allphin Donation Land Claim in Section 8, Township 10 South, Range 3 West. This is in that extreme northwest, peninsula-like projection of Linn county bounded on three sides by the confluent waters of the Willamette and Santiam Rivers and commonly known as “The Syracuse Neighborhood.”

The cemetery has long since been disused and while a number of graves are known to occupy this plot only three yet remain which can be identified….

The history of this cemetery is not especially well known.  William Allphin arrived in Oregon in 1847 and took up a claim at this place.  On February 8, 1848 his wife died and was buried on this spot, probably the first burial here.  Her name was Zilah Allphin and at the time of her death she was 42 years of age.

The earliest birth recorded here is that of William Allphin, 1798.  (The land surrounding this burial place is owned [in1940] by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Herman of Salem.  It is managed and worked by a Mr. Case of this neighborhood.)

Historical & Biographical Notes.

William Allphin.  1798-1876.  He came to Oregon and took up the Donation land claim where this cemetery is located in1847.  He was a member of the Oregon Territorial Legislature in 1851.  Was captain of his emigrant train, 1847.

Zilah Allphin.  1806-1848.  Probably the first burial here.  She was the first wife of William Allphin and came to Oregon with her husband in 1847.  Died only about eighteen months after her arrival on the Pacific coast.

Pheby Allphin.  1815-1875.  Second wife of William Allphin.  Nothing further was learned concerning her history.



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