Also Known As: Workman

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Nearest Town:


Est. # Burials:

abt. 150


T 14S, R 4W, 36

Size in Acres:


USGS Lat/Lon:

441808N 1230735W


Driving Directions:

On old road about 1/2 mi. SE of Alford area , just N of Harrisburg Heading south from Halsey on 0 99E,
3.5 miles, cross Cartney Road
0.6 miles, turn east onto Powerline Road
0.5 miles, on L, Workman Cemetery


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor: Lot 800
Deed Ref: 058-177,058-236


The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 1/30/1939:

The Alford Workman Cemetery is situated on a graveled county road [NB: now paved] about one-half mile south of the country community of Alford. Its exact location is in Section 1. Tp. 15 S. R. 4 W of Willamette Meridian in Linn County. (Note- the above description is from maps available. No exact description could be secured and there is a possibility that it is across the line in Section 36, Tp. 14.). [NB: Location according to Linn Co. Tax Assessor is T14S, 4W, Sect. 36]

...The Alford Workman Cemetery is a tract of slightly rolling land, well fenced and well cared for. It is located directly on the banks of Muddy Creek and slopes slightly from north to south with the slope of the creek bank. It is free from brush, weeds, or any noxious growths.

This is by no means an old cemetery but its exact history could not be learned. It appears to be a portion of the J. Scrivnor Donation Land Claim [NB: J. Scrivner DLC found at 15S, 4W, 1, per BLM database.] . The first burial of record here is that of James M. Knight in 1885. The earliest birth date recorded is that of Caroline Fortune, 1819.

Historical & Biographical Notes:

Charles H. Tandy. 1857-1926. A son of Judge Edwin N. Tandy who was a prominent Linn County pioneer.

Charles F. Wright. 1856-1898 Ralphy Wright. 1886-1898. This is a father and son who were washed from the rocks on the Pacific coast by an unexpectedly high wave.

John Holloway. 1833-1906. Born in Alabama. Moved to Iowa with his parents in 1845. Moved to Oregon in 1852 at the age of 18 yrs. Married Sarah Jane Flechall in 1871. A biography will be found in Williams Illustrated Atlas Map of Marion & Linn Counties, San Francisco, 1878.

J. R. Bucknum. "Lost in mountains Nov. 18, 1889." This man went hunting in the Cascades and did not return. His bones were found a number of years later.

[end of Haskin survey.]

[NB: Presumably the name of this cemetery is related to its association with the "Ancient Order of United Workmen". The Linn Co. Tax Assessor database identifies it as the "AOUW Cemetery." However, the name was indicated as "Woodman" cemetery throughout the typed Haskin WPA manuscript, then subsequently scratched out and replaced with "Workman". One of the prominent tombstones of this cemetery was erected by the "WOW", or "Woodmen of the World". It is possible that both organizations played a role in the management of this cemetery at some point. Interestingly, there is also a family surnamed Workman in the area at the time (see 1880 Census, Harrisburg Precinct).]

Online Transcriptions:

   Surveyed by John Miles and available at Jan Phillips' website.



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