Alford Masonic-Oddfellows



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T 14S, R 4W, 35

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USGS Lat/Lon:

441823N 1230741W


Driving Directions:

Heading south from Halsey on 0 99E, 3.5 miles,
cross Cartney Road 0.6 miles,
turn southeast onto Powerline Road 0.3 miles,
cemetery on right.


Contact Info:

Linn Co. Tax Assessor:
Lot 1601
Deed Ref: 41-111
Deed Ref: 131-511


The following information is transcribed from the WPA Linn County Cemetery Survey, researched & prepared by Leslie L. Haskin on 1/30/1939:

The Alford Masonic-Oddfellows really two cemeteries under totally separate ownership and management but since they lie side by side without visible separating boundaries they are here treated as one. The Masonic Cemetery occupies the north portion of the tract and ...appears to be the older of the two burying places. The Oddfellows Cemetery comprises the south portion. Together they are situated on a country side-road about three miles northeast of Harrisburg and about one-fourth mile south of the country community of Alford. [NB: EOT survey incorrectly located this cemetery at T14S, 3W, 35. Correct location is T14S, 4W, 35]. These cemeteries are on level ground, are well fenced and clean and well cared for. Large maple trees are planted along the roadside of the southern, or Oddfellows portion of the tract but none along the northern, or Masonic tract.

Almost nothing could be learned concerning the histories of these cemeteries. Apparently they occupy a portion of the donation land claim of a man named Fountain -- given name unknown. [NB: BLM database indicates Thomas Alford D.L.C. at N1/2SE and James Ingram at S1/2SE. No listing for "Fountain".] Also, according to local tradition, they were founded at a rather early date. In the north, or Masonic portion the earliest burial of record is that of "Ira, son of A. & C. Condra, Sept. 1, 1851." The second burial of record is that of "Isabella, Dau. Of R. Y. M. Koontz, June 23, 1860". These are both in the northern, Masonic section. The earliest birth dates in this portion of the tract are those of "William D. Maxwell 1787", Presley S. Purdey, 1795", "Sarah Lame 1800," and "W. M. Waters, June 9, 1795".

In the south, or Oddfellows portion of the tract the earliest burial of record is that of Elizabeth Stinson, Feb 28, 1873 and Holman G. Blew, 1874. The oldest birth dates here revealed are B. R. Grimes, Sept 22, 1813 and Henry K. Schooling Sept. 18, 1815....

Historical & Biographical Notes:

Thomas Alford. 1853-1932. A son of Thomas Alford Sr. for whom this community is named. Thomas Jr. was born in Missouri and came to Oregon with his parents in 1850.

W. M. Waters. 1795-1875. One of the earliest birth dates. This man is believed to have been active in the establishment of the "Hogem" flouring mill a short distance south of Harrisburg and of the McHargue flour mill at Brownsville in the 1860's.

Edwin N. Tandy. 1829-1925. Born in Christian Co., Ky. Emigrated to California in 1854. To Oregon in 1857. Admitted to the practice of law in Kentucky, 1850. Practiced law at Hopkinsville, Ky., and Harrisburg, Oregon. Mayor of Harrisburg, Ore., 1871. County Judge, Linn County, 1872-1876. Member of Oregon Legislature 1868. His biography published in "Illustrated Atlas Map of Marion & Linn Counties" Edgar Williams & Co., San Francisco, 1878.

Nancy Tandy. 1823-1909. Wife of last. Her maiden name was Nancy Liggett. Married in 1858. Emigrant to Oregon, 1846.

Sarah Lame. 1800-1890. One of the early birth dates here. Her family was active at Peoria and Halsey at an early date.

Enoch Hoult. 1821-1889. Born in Mongala County, Virginia. Moved with his parents to Edgar county, Ill, in 1832. Married Miss Jenette Somerville, 1841. Came to Oregon in 1853. Member of Oregon Constitutional Convention from Lane County, 1857. Member Oregon Senate from Linn County, 1870. Moved to Harrisburg, Linn County, 1863. A biography of this man may be found in Edgar's Atlas Map of Marion & Linn County....

Jenette Hoult. 1823-1873. Wife of last. Daughter of J. & M. Sommerville. Born in Fleming Co. Ky.

Emma White Sabin. 1849-1930. A pioneer of 1853.

Isabell, Dau. Of R. & M. Koontz. 1856-1860. Daughter of Martin Koontz, early merchant of Halsey. This is the second burial here.

Ira Condra. 1850. This infant, by the record and by neighborhood tradition, was the first person buried at this place.


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